8 August 2017

The murkier side of pacemaker technology

Pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) have undergone amazing development in the past couple of decades. They're smaller, smarter, and more reliable, with longer lasting batteries, greater programability, and increasing physiological functions. To someone who struggled to interrogate them with a mini-clinic, their increasing complexity is almost unfathomable. But along with improved clinical outcomes, pacemakers have a few traps and tricks that you may not know about, and their secrets can be more valuable that you realise.

25 June 2017

We put our hearts into it and it's never OK to abuse us

The statistics relating to workplace violence and aggression experienced by healthcare workers are horrendous. The worst affected are our first responders and emergency workers but almost all health care professionals have been subject to it at one time or another. Governments, government agencies and unions are now campaigning to reduce the threat. How is the risk to staff being reduced or managed in your cardiac service?

27 May 2017

The mystery ingredient that's missing from our echo training programs

In March, tucked away in a meeting room at Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne, a historic meeting took place. Chief cardiac physiologists and echo educators from Melbourne and surrounding areas gathered, for the first time in years, to discuss something that cardiology departments continue to grapple with: echo training and clinical supervision. There was much anticipation that the meeting would reveal the 11 secret herbs and spices that would produce the perfect recipe for echo training.

27 March 2017

Mitral Valve Symposium: Guest post

The February Mitral Valve Symposium held by Structural Heart Disease Australia (SHDA) was again a hugely popular event, with most of the associated workshops at the Sydney University host site sold out. THE APICAL VIEW's now regular contributor Biance Coelho has been kind enough to again share her perspective of this event.

13 March 2017

Who's who in the organisational zoo?

The new year is a time for renewal, and this also applies to professional subscriptions and memberships. Many cardiac physiologists will already have renewed their membership of professional organisations, and cardiac sonographers are now being asked to renew their accreditation with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) before the end of March.

28 November 2016

Echo Australia 2016: Guest post

What seems like a long time ago, in the galaxy we're in right now, I attended Echo Australia 2016 in Melbourne. As usual there was lots to take in for cardiac sonographers. Not so usual was the fact that I was attending as an association representative, so I was often busy having in-depth conversations with colleagues that were just as constructive as the conference content. So much to process! Thank goodness for Bianca Coelho, who has already contributed a guest post to THE APICAL VIEW, and who kindly reviewed some interesting aspects of the Echo Australia plenary sessions for this post...

6 November 2016

101 (hearty) deliberations

Welcome to the 101st post on THE APICAL VIEW blog! Who would believe it! While you could be excused for thinking that THE APICAL VIEW had gone into asystole, an episode of electro-mechanical dissociation (or pulseless electrical activity as it's now called) is closer to the truth. I have, in fact, been busily not writing this post for some time. Let me explain...